Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Weigh in...I'm up a couple pounds but I'm blaming that on the massive dinner we had on Monday. I did not count calories that day. A person has to splurge now and again.

When the baby came over on Monday, I sized the purple dress on her but it's going to be way too big. I'll finish it up later. I think it'll fit her in the fall. It's not a very fall-ish colour, but it's a baby colour so I'm going with that. lol

So I started another one in a slightly thinner yarn and smaller hook. I think it'll work. I just have 3 rows to complete it and I think I'll make a little white heart for the front.

And the legwarmers. Well, I don't pretend to be a knitter. I just pretend to knit. There are some mistakes in these. If I was a more accomplished knitter, I would have taken them back to fix the mistakes, but I'm not, so I didn't. Some of the mistakes are quite glaring, as you can see on the one still on the needles. But DD won't care. She'll just be thrilled to have something handmade. I only have the cuff left but I have to psych myself up to finish it. That wee little bit takes me about an hour to do and it's hard. Such thin yarn on such small needles. But they were fun to make and I'll likely do another pair in the future.

I didn't work too much on squares this week. The baby shower is on Saturday and I wanted to have the dress and legwarmers done for that. I did get 4 squares done but forgot to take photos of them. Next week.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Woo Hoo Wednesday - A Little Late

Soooo, life gets busy, ya know?

I gained a pound while we were in Mexico. Doesn't sound like a lot but it was only over 18 days. I really gotta cut out the booze when we're there. And I've put on another pound since we got back. I haven't been tracking my calories. Not doing so makes it FAR too easy to slip back into old eating habits. But, considering I haven't tracked in a little over a month, I haven''t done too badly.

Another fabulous Woo Hoo. We have a new g'daughter!!! Madelyn Elise joined our family last week, weighing in at 8 lbs 14.5 oz which might sound like a lot but it's pretty average for our family. We grow 'em big!

This makes our 5th g'child but only our second girl. Our other g'daughter is almost 14. I and the aunties haven't been able to buy pink frilly things for a long time so ya just KNOW this little girlie is going to be spoiled. 

Here's what I've been working on...

A little dress that I found here on Sarah Sweethearts.

And a pair of leg warmers from here . I haven't used dpn's in about 30 years. This should be an adventure...LOL.

And something for myself. This will be a shawl made from a free leaflet I picked up at Michael's.

Monday, 14 April 2014

My Balls are Busted

I'm back! We actually got back 3 weeks ago but things have been hectic around here and I just haven't gotten around to posting. I'll do another post another day on all that's been going on.

I've been busy working on all those balls and I've finally got them done! I'm so glad to be finished with that project. The mostly somber colours were getting really boring. I broke out some bright colours this afternoon. What a treat!

So here we go. The original bunch.

What it looks like now. This is all sport weight yarn that I decided to add to the Cuddle Box instead of working up into squares.

The finished product. One hundred and eleven squares! This is the same bin that held the balls. It's crammed full. At 35 squares per blanket, there's enough for 3 blankets plus a few left over.

As I got to the end, some of the balls weren't big enough to make a full square, so I had to get creative. I think they turned out quite nicely.

I enjoyed this challenge I set out for myself and I'm proud of myself for actually finishing it. But I am glad it's done. I haven't figured out what I'm going to challenge myself with next. For now, I'm just working on squares in colours that appeal to me.

I'm also working on a couple of personal projects. I'll share those on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Woo Hoo Wednesday

No weigh in while we're on holidays. Not because I don't want to. I don't have a scale here. Pretty sure I'm going to come back with at least a couple extra pounds. Too many alcoholic beverages happen when we're down here. Seriously, I drink more in a couple weeks here than I do the whole rest of the year at home. Ah well. It is what it is.

There is a lady here who hosts a Stitch and B*tch in her home. I know lots of groups call themselves by that name but I really don't care for it. It sounds so negative. Luckily, they seemed a nice lot and I didn't hear any b*tching.

Anyways, this group collects the cancer caps I've been working on so I took them over. Unfortunately, I'm not able to post pics.

Blogger still isn't playing nice with IE so I can only post pictures using Chrome. I'm using our laptop and Chrome won't let me sign in unless I provide a mobile phone number. Like that's going to happen...hahahaha!!! I have no issues when I use our desktop. Stupid technology.

Another Woo Hoo is that Grampa didn't get any of my sick germs. We're both happy about that.

Anyways, sorry about the lack of photos. I'll post them when we get back in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Weigh-in...I'm down 2.5 pounds and a couple of inches. That makes me 16.5 pounds lighter and 8 inches smaller since the New Year. Yay!!!

It wasn't a very productive week but I got hit with the flu last week and I've had packing to do and arrangements to take care of before we leave this afternoon for our holiday. Still, I managed to get 11 more squares done.

Had to take the pictures on the couch because my suitcase is all sprawled out on the coffee table.

Touch wood, Grampa hasn't picked up my sick germs. Yet. Hopefully he doesn't at all.

Tomorrow night, we'll be at our condo in Mexico, far away from the cold and the snow. Woo Hoo!!!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saturday Morning Mash-up

Just a few random things today.

One year from today, Grampa retires. He can't wait. He's worked for the same company for 34 years and, while the pay provides us a decent lifestyle and he'll have a fantastic pension, he's getting tired of the bureaucracy of working for a large corporation.

Today's temps. Dear God! If March coming in like a lion means going out like a lamb, spring should be downright tropical! Temps this morning, as I write, are -38C/-36F with a windchill factor of -47C/-53F. Winter has been very cruel to Canada this year. I'm looking very forward to snowbirding in Mexico after Grampa retires.

Guess who woke up to a massive cold sore bump this morning? I have this fantastic cream called Zovirax that works wonders on cold sores, if you catch them early enough. I felt the tingle last night, but, against my better judgement, ignored it. It's just a bump this morning and I'm hoping I've gotten after it soon enough to prevent it from becoming unsightly.

And I think I might have pink eye. I'm going to keep an eye on it (no pun to see what happens. But geez Louise. What else can happen. At least my kidneys don't hurt like they did yesterday. Last night I actually packed up a crocheting bag in case I had to call one of the kids to take me to the hospital this morning. Can't let downtime go to waste.

That's about it for now. Y'all have a great day!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Bustin' My Balls: Part 6

A quick update on my health. I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday. Still not quite up to snuff, though. Did a couple loads of laundry...was completely out of clean undies and we all know how it icky it is to recycle those! Also washed my bedding to get rid of the sick germs and so it would feel nice and fresh tonight. I'm sleeping in the spare room for now so Grampa doesn't pick up this bug. Don't need him sick while we're travelling.

And now...on to my balls. The original pile:

And now:

To this point, I've made 70 squares for Knit-a-Square . I had originally guesstimated that I would get 75 but, as you can see, I was off by a bit. I figure there are about another 40 squares in there.

I won't get this all done up before we leave on Wednesday but I'm going to keep plugging along until then and finish it up when we get back.