Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Weigh in...I'm up a couple pounds but I'm blaming that on the massive dinner we had on Monday. I did not count calories that day. A person has to splurge now and again.

When the baby came over on Monday, I sized the purple dress on her but it's going to be way too big. I'll finish it up later. I think it'll fit her in the fall. It's not a very fall-ish colour, but it's a baby colour so I'm going with that. lol

So I started another one in a slightly thinner yarn and smaller hook. I think it'll work. I just have 3 rows to complete it and I think I'll make a little white heart for the front.

And the legwarmers. Well, I don't pretend to be a knitter. I just pretend to knit. There are some mistakes in these. If I was a more accomplished knitter, I would have taken them back to fix the mistakes, but I'm not, so I didn't. Some of the mistakes are quite glaring, as you can see on the one still on the needles. But DD won't care. She'll just be thrilled to have something handmade. I only have the cuff left but I have to psych myself up to finish it. That wee little bit takes me about an hour to do and it's hard. Such thin yarn on such small needles. But they were fun to make and I'll likely do another pair in the future.

I didn't work too much on squares this week. The baby shower is on Saturday and I wanted to have the dress and legwarmers done for that. I did get 4 squares done but forgot to take photos of them. Next week.


  1. The little dresses and the legwarmers are coming along nicely. I didn't notice a mistake in the legwarmers - they look good to me. :)

  2. Thanks, Debi. The yarn got a twist in it. You can see it near the edge of the cuff. Ah well. DD loved them.