Friday, 28 February 2014

Bustin' My Balls: Part 6

A quick update on my health. I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday. Still not quite up to snuff, though. Did a couple loads of laundry...was completely out of clean undies and we all know how it icky it is to recycle those! Also washed my bedding to get rid of the sick germs and so it would feel nice and fresh tonight. I'm sleeping in the spare room for now so Grampa doesn't pick up this bug. Don't need him sick while we're travelling.

And now...on to my balls. The original pile:

And now:

To this point, I've made 70 squares for Knit-a-Square . I had originally guesstimated that I would get 75 but, as you can see, I was off by a bit. I figure there are about another 40 squares in there.

I won't get this all done up before we leave on Wednesday but I'm going to keep plugging along until then and finish it up when we get back.

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